Legal Links

A friend asked that I put up wiki links covering some legal issues that have come up in game recently. Thus. - General info on Amber law. - Who has the authority in legal matters. - Traditional/accepted penalties for law-breaking. - Some specific laws, of which dueling is most likely to be useful to people.

OOC: Plot Recruitment

I'm starting a new phase of shadowpath repair work shortly that should run over the next few months. There's space both for casual participation and people running entire subsections. Navy/military and research specialists would be most useful, but I can find space for anyone interested. If you want to get involved, send me +mail and I'll find a way to involve you.

[Log] A Very Medieval Shadow

The token that summarizes the adventure better than a summary would:

This photograph has Nicodemus, the Proud Son of Caine, sitting on an unbelievably dubious gold throne wearing an unbelievably dubious gold crown and holding an unbelievably dubious gold scepter. Worse, he is wearing a green and black outfit appropriate for Lyonesse, so he looks like he is at a terrible Medieval Theme Park in garb. On the bottom, written in very prim and perfect black letters, it says:

"This is why I am going to murder my brother."

Collapse )

Captain's Log, Clarissa

Replaced the damaged sails. I do not trust the ship for travel beyond the shipyards until her hull has been thoroughly examined for new weaknesses. That no damage has been visible does not mean it has not occurred.

Rose's warnings on the nature of the shadow demanded more consideration than I gave them. The destruction was hasty by necessity, yet I could have given more weight to the possibility that the reaction would spread beyond the original point. The resulting effects on the waypoint, or lack thereof, ought to provide sufficient information to not require a repetition of the experiment. This renders the voyage a success, yet I would be more satisfied had I better predicted the full consequences.

Crew morale has fallen to unacceptable levels. Shore leave will restore some cheer. The rest may require a more direct response.

Captains' Log, Clarissa

Effects of the changes in a neighboring shadow on the Tanus path waypoint proved inconclusive. More drastic changes, or those effected across more shadows, might prove otherwise. The stability of the system has its drawbacks when it reduces the ability of anyone to study the system without breaking that stability, as the trouble with the Minos path demonstrates.

The crew from the Orchid Queen has largely settled on the Clarissa, to imperfect levels of satisfaction. Replacements for the lieutenants lost during recent battles have not proven themselves adequate to challenges more complex than shadowpath maintenance. Competence will suffice, yet I would prefer greater adaptability in those men expected to manage crew and ship when I am away.